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SAN Health Utility

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Hanging aliases and zones

I am using latest san health client version 321.

Several hanging aliases and zones are marked in zoning detail section.

The ports in question are all online but not shown in the port map of the report.

In an older report the ports in question are shown as L-Ports without marking the aliases as hanging.

Please comment.

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Re: Hanging aliases and zones

hnaging aliases and zones means , the aliases are there and zones are there but are no  longer used. you can leave it but if you want to delete it in order to make the zone DB size less, then you have to do it meticulously.

If there is L port then it should be F port.

hanging aliases  -- devices are not used in SAN shows in light green colour

if you find it correct pls make it correct

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Re: Hanging aliases and zones

I know what hanging aliases and zones do mean.

I am wondering why these devices are not shown

in the SAN Health portmap and are therefore marked as hanging aliases,

but are online and are used nevertheless.

portshow sees these ports, but SANHealth apparently not ???

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Re: Hanging aliases and zones

The examples of hanging aliases are :

HDFC_BLR02:user> nodefind BOXIDRLIVE2_HBA2
No device found
HDFC_BLR02:user> alishow BOXIDRLIVE2_HBA2

HDFC_BLR02:user> alishow DRFINBKP25K_HBA2

HDFC_BLR02:user> nodefind DRFINBKP25K_HBA2
No device found

If you find something strange in SAN Health behaviour, you can send a mail to

They will advise you immediately

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