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Firmware 6.0.0c and 4900's


Sorry if this is the wrong area to post this as I am new to the site.

We have 2 pairs of three 4900(3 switches per fabric) with firmware 6.0.0c connected and on ports that are attached to a 12 node Linux/Oracle 10g cluser (SLES 10 SP1), all ports connected back to the HBA's (Emulex 1150 f/w 2.72a drv are producing Link Failed errors.

We have engaged EMC without any answer so I'm wondering if there are issues with the 6.0.0c firmware as I find it hard to belive 24 ports could have hardware issues especially where are hosts connected to the fabrics have no issues.

Also on one of the other pairs of switches this morning I had to reboot on opposite fabrics in order for some hosts to see their clariion storage. This was strange as the clariion could see the HBAs logged in prior to me rebooting the switches.

Any feed back on where to look for compatibility matrix's or advice would be appreciated.

On a side note.. the fabric was only upgraded two weeks ago from 5.3.0c


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Re: Firmware 6.0.0c and 4900's


here can you find the Compatibility Matrix, and yes... this ( SAN Health ) is a wrong Area.



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