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SAN Health Utility

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Error Auditing MDS 9148

Hi There.

I have just attempted to audit a Cisco MDS 9148 with San Health v3.2.4

The utility connects to the switch without a problem, but then keeps failing with the following error:

"Failed To get Response From MyID"

It then unlocks the menus and doesn't add any switches to the fabric.

The MDS is running version m9100-s3ek9-mz.5.2.1



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Re: Error Auditing MDS 9148

It looks like your switch is being mis-identified by SAN Health as a Brocade FOS switch because "myId" is a FOS command.  Please restart SAN Health and start a new audit with the "New" button.  Then, add this specific 9148 in to the audit and see if it gets identified correctly.  If it doesn't, please save the log by clicking the little picture of the floppy disk at the top of the log section and send the .log to  Please also send us as many other details and/or screenshots to assist with the troubleshooting.  We will take a look and see what needs to be done to correctly audit your switch.



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