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SAN Health Utility

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Does SAN health report have FOS version update recommendations

I recently generated a SAN health report and though the report is great source of information, I was expecting something in the lines of having flagged anything that is not on target. Being that i am new to using this site, does anyone know how i can analyse my Model 300 switches and at FOS version i should have.

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Re: Does SAN health report have FOS version update recommendations

It does not recommend you. you have to go to the release notes of the latest FOS for compatibility check or you can ask your SW vendor to recommend. But before upgrading it check the brocade compatibility matrix to upgrade the firmware , driver version of the servers, connected to SW and the microcode of the storages, connected to this also mulitipathing SW.Otherwise you may get some issues.if you have redundant fabric, then do it on one Fabric, observe it for 15 days and do the same on other fabric. you can go to download, option, FOS and then release notes to get the release notes

BTW which FOS your 300 has? We can recommend here also.

from 5.0.0 FOS you can go 2 steps ahead e.g. from 5.2.x you can go to 6.0.x but from 6.0x onwards you can go 1 step further i.e. from 6.0x to 6.1.x

if you find the answer correct make it correct pls

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