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SAN Health Utility

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Cannot download SAN Health Reports

Just received the email from Brocade directing me to download my SAN Health Reports. Problem is that trying to work around the "No Content Available" issue. When I click on "Update Roles" there are no items to choose from in the fields. The same thing goes for the "Update Product" link. Also there other items in my profile the have a red asterisk next to them. Unfortunately I cannot edit these fields.

I have tried IE 8, Firefox 24.0 and Chrome 30.0.1599.69 m all with similar results.

Are there any alternatives for downloading my SAN Health Reports?



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Re: Cannot download SAN Health Reports

Hi Ron,

Thanks for using Brocade SAN Health!  Sorry for the trouble.

Please email for assistance with My Brocade or see

While they are working on your issue, let the SAN Health team know at that you'd like a copy of your report.  They can send possibly send it to you before the Web folks fix the problem.



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