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SAN Health Utility

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Registered: ‎12-22-2008

Can SAN Health understand/document that a server is connected to two fabrics?

My infrastructure employees two independent SAN fabrics.

Let call them SANa and SANb.

Every host has a port port HBA and is interconnected to both SAN fabrics.

Is there a way to tell SAN Health that  server5 has WWWP1 on SANa and WWWP2 on SANb?

The nice Viso diagrams illustrate my SAn connnectivity, but currently leaves out the detail that servers have dual connectivity.


My hope was that there woudl be some way to import a Device Names file into the options where I could specify both WWNs.


I do have my SAN Health configuration to collect data from al switches in both fabrics.


Howard Jares

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