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Cable Unplugged

Connecting a Brocade 2800's ethernet port to a known working ethernet port on a system(using a known working ethernet cable), computer reports cable unplugged. I restarted the Brocade, same problem. Then I looked at the port, while it is for sure wide like an ethernet port it only has two coppers connected? Which is probably why the computer reports cable unplugged. Any ideas?

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Re: Cable Unplugged

Hi AcuraYou can also set the Ethernet port on the 2800 into different modes. i.e. 10/100 half duplex or full duplex. Years back several Ethernet switches/hubs would have problems with auto negotiating the speed and duplex settings of connected devices. On the very obscure chance that this is the issue, you can use the command line interface on the 2800 to change the Ethernet port settings.

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