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not all switches shown in network advisor firmware management

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Hi @all,


in my current configuration i manage two fabrics each of 8 switches (1x blade 4020, 1x 6520, 6x 5100). all switches except the blade 4020 are running fos 7.0.2a ... the blade 4020 runs fos 6.2.2


The firmware management repository is contents fos 7.0.2a and fos 7.3.1d


My problem is that in the download tab of the firmware management i see both fabrics but only those switches with fos 6.2.2 ... the chassis group folder shows al remaining switches as brocade 5100 and brocade 6520


up to now i tried the following:


deleting the fos from the repository and importing again - no success

deleting the fabrics from bna and discovering them again - no success


does anyone know how to solve my problem to "see" all my switches in correct way in bna firmware management?


by the way: i use bna 12.4.4 .. all switches and bna are in the same netowrk


thanks in advance







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