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Management Software


by Anonymous on ‎09-01-2004 01:00 AM (846 Views)


This script finds a WWN via SNMP, the main advantage is that is fast compared to the API same function script.

Other advantage is that it can locate also all the WWN beginning for a piece of WWN. This is usefull when you have to locate all the FA of an EMC box for example. Infact they have a more or less the first 12 digit equal for all FA. 



Operating System UNIX 

Interface Not Applicable 

Fabric Operating System Any 

Other Not Applicable 



The shell used is the bash. net-snmp packet from sourceforge have to be installed. 



NOTE: This contribution was migrated by Brocade from the former Brocade Connect community on March 13, 2008, on behalf of the author.