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Zoning Admin Feature in Web Tools


This weekend, we upgraded the FOS on one of our Brocade 48K Directors from version 5.3.0 to version 6.3.1.A.  Now we notice a difference in the Web Tools interface where it no longer has an option for "Zoning Admin".  We contacted the OEM for the director and were told that the missing "Zone Admin" feature was not a problem, but instead a part of the new interface design that no longer provides the capability  for zone additions, deletions or modifications and that our only two options are to use the CLI or purchase other fabric management software to make zoning changes.

Can anyone verify that this is correct?  It seems silly that Brocade would remove this functionality from Web Tools, and I can't find anything on the site that speaks to this change.



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Re: Zoning Admin Feature in Web Tools

Some Feature are in FOS not longer available, and moved to DCFM.

You need Use/Install DCFM.

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Re: Zoning Admin Feature in Web Tools

They are right zoning is no longer part of Web tools. You will find this information in the release notes of your FOS. Certain functionality has moved to DCFM.

You can download and use DCFM professional for free from this site

However it has limitations

Brocade Data Center Fabric Manager (DCFM) Professional enables the centralized management of FOS -based devices for up to 1000 ports in a single fabric at a time. It performs key functions, such as firmware downloads and configurations for groups of switches, while accessing device-level information.

If you need to manage a large SAN then its recommended you purchase DCFM Enterprise.

Click the link to view information from the release notes.

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Re: Zoning Admin Feature in Web Tools

Thanks for the information and the link!

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Re: Zoning Admin Feature in Web Tools

Thanks a lot Biju, for this type of detailed description, which helps a person to understand fully, not merely answering the query.Suggestions should be there in the forum.

BTW, we the UNIX guys should not rely on GUI. CLI is very easy , once you will go for CLI, you will forget GUI.

For CLI, there is command reference manual guide. Pls find attached.

Also you can get it through help command.

Pls NOTE: you can do everything in GUI, but can not change the APTPOLICY, It can be changed through CLI only.

DCFM Professional has limitations and DCFM is licensed and you have to purchase it. So why not be expert in CLI

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