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WebTools and CLI

Hello, hopefully an easy one for you.

I'm attempting to learn CLI and using WebTools to hopefully prove my steps as I, for example add a host to one of my fabrics.

I am making progress adding alias and then zones however I am not seeing my CLI changes via the webtools.  Is there a service or particular command that would need cycled in order for me to see my CLI additions show via webtools?

What research I have done leads me to believe that only after I commit my zones to the actual running config will I see all the new alias and zones.  I am pre-staging some new fiber connections and wanted to do a GUI (Webtools) check of my additions before commit.  Is this possible?

Via Webtools "Zone Admin" there is a "refresh zoning".  i can say I am 100% on this option either if someone could explain. (see attached)

v6.4.1 is running across my 3 switch fabric.

Thanks for the help.

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Re: WebTools and CLI

This is normal that Webtools have to do an refresh because you have saved the zoning DB via CLI. This updates are distributed to all switches within the fabric.

Webtools notice this and ask for a refresh.

The zoning DB is transaction based. So doing update from different switches to the same time without any commit can cause issues.

Do you notice the command nszonemember. This command is useful to list all WWNs which are zoned to a given WWN after a commit.

As well cfgactvshow or zoneshow pipe  grep -A x and -B x options is useful too. 

-A x --> x lines after the match

-B x --> x lines before the match

The command nodefind is useful to find a specific WWN within the fabric.

I hope this helps,


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Re: WebTools and CLI

Andreas thanks for the quick reposnse and assistance.

After further configuration today I was able to confirm what I had read.  Only after enabling the config does webtools reflect the change.

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