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WWN Aliases added to CMCNE 11.2.1 not showing up on 12.3.1 platform

Hello friends:)


We have an OLD CMCNE 11.2.1 management server, and recently buitl a new 12.3.1 platform to replace it.  It (12.3.1) discovered the switches and fabrics fine.  I assigned a task to a team mate to alias all un-named WWN's.  They did this on the old 11.2.1 platform, and they are not showing up on the 12.3.1 server.  I deleted the fabrics on the 12.3 version, and re-discovered them.  Still not finding the newly added names.  Any suggestions?  There were a LOT of names added, we can re-add them to 12.3 but that's a lot of work.  I'd like to do this so we can decomission 11.2.


BTW, the latest version is great, lots of new bells and whistles, and we found it will see Hyper-V virtual HBA's while 11.2 doesn't see them.


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