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Unable to login to Network Advisor 12.02 from a client

I have done a upgrade from BNA 11.2 to BNA 12.2. After the upgrade, I am not able to log on from a remote client.

In my company we have to run all java aplets thru a ssh proxy. Now it just says "Login failed. Please make sure server is fully started"


Is there anyone that know what have changed. This works from a client on the same subnet


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Re: Unable to login to Network Advisor 12.02 from a client

Can you try configuring the IP address in the host file on the client ( external or local client ) manually and see if that works for you . Below are the steps :

1 -  Log in using the 'Administrator' privilege.
2 - Select Start > Run.
3 - Type drivers in the Open field and press Enter.
4 - Go to the ‘etc’ folder and open the ‘hosts’ file using a text editor.
5 - Add the IP address and host name of the client in the following format: IP_Address

For example, localhost

6 - Save and exit the file.

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