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SNMP forwards event, but Web tools shows no event.

I am running an IBM rebranded 48000 with v6.1.1d.  I have SNMP set to forward "warning" level and higher to my Microsoft System Center Operation Manager (SCOM) monitoring server.  This works fine, except that every time we reboot a server (connected to our SAN) we receive an alert in SCOM (via SNMP) that says the port where the server is connected has gone "offline" (see attachment).  When the server comes back up we get another alert that says the port is "online".  These events do not show up in the web tools error log or DCFM's master log.

I opened a case with IBM support and asked them why the director is forwarding these events but nothing is logged in web tools.  They tell me they don't know why.  They also say that when we reboot a server, and the port goes "offline" an event being logged in the engineering log.  This event is being forwarded (via SNMP) to my SCOM server.

That great, but I do not want an alert every time we reboot a server so I asked them how to prevent these unseen events from being forwarded via SNMP.  They say that there is no way to prevent this event from being forwarded becasue it is classified as a warning.  I have a hard time believing that this is how the director should be forwarding/logging these events.  I don't recall having this problem before upgrading to 6.1.1d.

Does anyone know if this is "normal" behavior?

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