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SNMP OID for configured Virtual Fabrics IDs

Good morning,

is there any OID to "walk" through, with the virtual fabrics configured in a chassis?

We have some DCXs, with several VFs:

<switchname>:FID128:<username>> lscfg --show

Created switches:  128(ds)  61  63  65 

...omitted output....

I need to get this same information (128, 61, 63, 65... or any other) using an snmpget o walk.

The problem is that I can't find this information in the "Fabric OS MIB Reference v7.0.0"...

Does someone know if it's possible to get this info using OIDs??

Thanks in advance!

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Re: SNMP OID for configured Virtual Fabrics IDs

Hi Alejandro,

Well, not exactly.  The VF information has been added the appropriate Event Groups depending on how it best fits.  I copied a couple of examples out of the MIB reference guide below:

For the SW group:

From Fabric OS v6.2.0, the sw traps will have an extra binding associated to indicate the Virtual Fabric (VF). The traps will have a Virtual Fabric ID (VFID) associated with them.

For the Event Group there is the following object:



This object identifies the Virtual Fabric ID.

I hope the above helps out a bit.

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Re: SNMP OID for configured Virtual Fabrics IDs

Also oid . will tell you the vfid.

. contains vfname

But for those 2 you already have to direct your SNMPv3 get to context=vfid, if I remember correctly.

Martin's suggestion is based on the eventtable, which contains event generated by the chassis/VF/LS/?.

And as I understand alajandro, the goal is to get a table/list of VF present in the chassis when querying the device on SNMP.

If its'based on the eventtable then each VF should report a event on a regular basis to stay current.

Unfortunately I'm unaware of a single SNMP get on a OID that will list you all VFid's.

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