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SMI agent config for 5100B for Hitachi Tuning Manager


I am trying to setup de SMI Agent 120.11.0 for Windows with switch 5100B. But in the proxy config I received the error (Operation Not Supported) when I try to
connect, status Login Failed.
I am connecting with admin account.

GlassPane mounted on class com.brocade.admintool.gui.SMIAgentConfigFrame
Return Code is 1

I read this topic, looks like the same, but I have just one NIC.

I am confing this SMI Agent to use our Hitachi Tuning Manager.

Proxy IP: Switch P
user name: admin
Password: the same password I used for SSH
Login Scheme: ANY
Protocol: ANY
No. of RPC handles: 1
Multiple connection: Yes



Not sure what am I missing here too.

Leandro Sousa
Hitachi Data Systems

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