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SMI Agent problem

Which ports should be opened in firewall besides 111 SunRPC, 897,898, 5988, 5989, to succesfully connect to switch?

<message>Provider Exception Occurred
Thread Name : HTTP HTTP dispatcher
Exception Class Name: class com.brocade.api.cim.dataaccess.DataAccessException
Exception Message: class com.brocade.api.cim.dataaccess.DataAccessException
Host Message: Switch error trying to register for events
Host Error Code: 22
Switch Message: EVMD not ready
Switch Error Code (Hexadecimal): ffffffff
Switch Explanation Code (Hexadecimal): b1
Switch Reason Code (Hexadecimal): e1
Switch Error Code (Decimal): -1
Switch Explanation Code (Decimal): 177
Switch Reason Code (Decimal): 225



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SMI Agent was moved to the same subnet as switch (without firewall) it doesn't solved the problem. It looks like some switch configuration parameter.

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Re: SMI Agent problem

Problem have been solved!! My SMI Agent machine is multi homed and I'haven't read user guide carefully.

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