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SANnav Rest API support

Hello All,


As BNA EOL is already announced, we are planning to move on SANnav but have some concerns around it as listed below:


1. Can we get any trail downloadable for SANnav?


2. BNA supports detailed level Rest call to collect data, but by looking into SANnav Rest guide it seems like SANnav doesn't support detailed Rest calls, is it true or the document is not updated yet?



Any help is appreciated.




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Re: SANnav Rest API support



1. you should be able to download SANnav from the broadcom portal 

it comes with a free 90 day trial subscription - except for backup/restore this has the full product functionality.


2. SANnav does support REST calls but it behaves differently than BNA. SANnav does not keep/contain a copy of data that can be gathered directly from the switches (FOS REST API). You can get information out of the events database though.


Are you looking for something specific?




Corinne Haesaerts

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