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Retrieve HP switch configuration via BNA

Dear Community,


Do you know if there is any way of using BNA configuration file manager to retrieve configuration files from HP switchs (in my case ProCurve J9451A Switch 6600ml-48) ?


I'm able to add my switchs under BNA, but nothing much more.


Thanks for your help.


Best regards.



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Re: Retrieve HP switch configuration via BNA

No sorry, you can only monitor 3rd-party devices, you can't do configuration management for them.


If you've got more than a handful of 3rd-party devices, you may need to change to a different NMS - either a 3rd-party vendor (Solarwinds, etc), or if you've got quite a few HP devices, you could use HP IMC. That can also do basic configuration management for Brocade devices.



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