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Questions about BNA 12.3.2

Well, I just upgraded to 12.3.2 and I think this product is finally on the right path. I've suffered all the way from 11.2 to 12.2 to 12.3.2 and I finally have a system that works. The new web front end is great, I can actually see it being a useful tool for my network now. I highly recommend it for anyone having lagging performance from their server. We're running Server 2008 with 8 cores and 16Gb of memory and it still runs average aroun 12 Gb when BNA is running. I would like to know what others have done to tweak the system to make it more efficient and run smoother. We have around 800 devices in our network, I've adjusted the server and client memory, set the db to large, and have tried turning off most of the polling or changing it to a slow poll. Could anyone else provide experiences of their setup, what you've done to improve performance, how many nodes you have, what you're able to accomplish with BNA, etc.

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