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Ports for BNA


I've just installed BNA onto a server 2008 R2 platform, and I've gotten it installed and running, for the most part. When I launch the java connection from the client, I get an error saying the client can't contact the server on port 26400. I've looked at the netstat screens and see the local ports are being listened on, I've opened up the proper ports on the windows firewall and still nothing. These devices reside on the same subnet so there shouldn't be any issue with a firewall blocking the communications between the two so I'm at somewhat of a loss. Also, does anybody know the defaults for the odbc source? I've tried everything under the sun I can think of but can't come up with the right combination to get the database to take my credentials. And finally, do you guys know what the DCFM license correlates to in BNA? I've just installed the trial to get it going, and I think Brocade will allow me to trade in the DCFM license for BNA without having to do the whole upgrade path thing, I hope. Thanks a lot.

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Re: Ports for BNA

I have opened the following ports on my Windows 2008 R2 server and I get the java application working on a remote station:

162 UDP

20-21 TCP

514 UDP

80 TCP

24600-24612 TCP

In the manual there is a good overview of the ports needed for BNA.



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