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Port Offline Alerts



I am trying to configure BNA to email alerts when the Brocade VDXs ports goes offline. So fart this is what I've done:


Monitor->Event Processin->Event Actions

Under Event Actions

 - Enable port offline enabled

 - Added the VDX switches to the sources

 - Under Action Group-> Alert by email and configured my email


Even though I see the the port offline events being registered in the BNA log, I  do not get an email alert.


Can any one point me to the right direction?





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Re: Port Offline Alerts

[ Edited ]

Hi Iama,


Although the Event Action is called "Port Offline" but it is still need to be configured for such traps.


You will need to modify the "Events" section as attached, to get the Action triggered.


Hope this helps addressing your issue.





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