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No LDAP in Authorization Preference in BNA



I an trying to configure LDAP in BNA 12.3.1 but I must be missing someting. The manual say to chose "LDAP Authorization" in the Authorization Preference list under SMC. But there is no such choice...


I only have "Local Database", "Primary Authentication Server" and "Authentication Server Groups".

All ideas what I have done wrong is welcome. :)





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Re: No LDAP in Authorization Preference in BNA



You should see the following options when you try to change the AAA settings from the Server Management Console:


LDAP Auth.png

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Re: No LDAP in Authorization Preference in BNA

Thanks for your answer, it lead me on to the root cause. :)


I tried to set LDAP and then Authorization Preference to "Authentication Server Groups", but I still didnt get the LDAP test to work.


The root cause was that the AD group I chosen in the User setting in BNA to assign AOR to was nestled. Once I used AD groups that only contain user accounts assigned directly it started to work.


Lesson learned: Do not try to use nestled AD groups in the user section in BNA. :)



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