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New DCFM Installation - SNMP user Administrator

I am working on a new DCFM deployment and when in the Discover Setup screen I have a yellow indication on two of my newest 40 port switches.  The error message says Discovered:  SNMP user Administrator should have access rights to  all logical switches.  Can someone point me to a manual that defines the correct configuration for SNMP deployment.

In each switch I used the SNMPadmin2 account to point to the DCFM server, it appears all my switches in the Fabric have been discovered correctly and all have a green checkmark except for the new switches.  The seed switch is one of the newer 40 port HP/Brocade Switches.

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Re: New DCFM Installation - SNMP user Administrator

In my experience on off those 6 snmpadminuser account needs to reflect a FOS account witch admin right, admin for example.

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