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Registered: ‎02-16-2013

Network Advisor not calling home (email)??

We're currently using NA 12.1.5.  The test call home email works fine.  We also tried to test the call home by pulling one of the power supplies but no email was sent.  I read that it won't call home for a "Missing Power Supply" but wasn't sure what that meant cause I have to assume if a power supply failed that a call home email would be sent.


In addition, several weeks ago we had a blade on one of our SAN Directors fail and no call home email was sent then either - so I'm told.  I believe at the time we were on NA 12.1.5.


Any thoughts on either of these scenarios?




P.S. I have included in the attachments section the area in NA User Guide that says 'Missing power Supply' does not call home.

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