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NPIV appearing as target not initiator


IBM P770 Server

     2 x VIO Server each with 2 x IBM 5735 HBAs

2 x Brocade 5300 Switches (2 fabrics) running firmware v6.3.0c

EMC Clariion CX3-80

DCFM v10.4.2

The 4 HBAs are connected to the 2 switches and their physical addresses appear on the fabrics as initiators.

A virtual wwpn has been created on each HBA (using NPIV). These virtual wwpn addresses have been assigned to an LPAR.

The virtual wwpn addresses appear on the fabrics - however by default in DCFM they appear as storage (as opposed to hosts).

I changed the device types for these virtual addresses to be initiators (within DCFM). 

A zone has been created on one of the switches and includes a single virtual wwpn address and a single port on the EMC storage array.

At this point I am unable to see the virtual wwpn on the Clariion. My hunch is this is something to do with it being a target as opposed to an initiator.

Can anyone shed any light please?


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Re: NPIV appearing as target not initiator


I have the self problem. Do yo find any solution ?

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