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Monitor SAN congestion using BNA

How does BNA help in monitoring SAN congestion. Looking for criticalities in SAN that can be exposed by BNA.

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Re: Monitor SAN congestion using BNA

Monitoring for SAN congestion can be accomplished in a couple of different ways using BNA. First is to configure Bottleneck Detection to report on bottleneck conditions based on configurable congestion and latency threshold setting. The BNA dashboard can be configured to report bottleneck port violations via a bottleneck widget. Bottleneck ports due to congestion threshold violations are also display in the SAN topology view under the BNA SAN tab.


Secondly, you can leverage the BNA dashboard to montior top ports with C3 Discards Transmit Timeout & C3 Discards Receive Timeout. A flow can be defined for a specific SID/DID pair to monitor frames, scsci performance and other performance parameters, leveraging the BNA dashboard. A MAPS policy can be defined to identify an out-of-range flow performance condition.

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Re: Monitor SAN congestion using BNA

Also apart from the previous comment if you have FOS 7.3 or higher verion you can use MAPS feature with FPI (Fabric Performance Impact). This will send you alerts whenever the switch detects Congestion or Latency on the switch ports.


The Out of Range Dashboard widget will be really helpful in getting alerted when you have FPI thresholds being crossed.


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