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MRTG-SNMP Port Errors and Stats

by Anonymous on ‎01-30-2004 12:00 AM (1,486 Views)


Configuration file & Example Output for MRTG on Win32 Includes:
- Inside Frame Errors
- Outside Frame Errors
- Readys Exceeded
- No Transmit Credits
- Frames TX
- Frames RX
- Words TX
- Words RX 



Operating System Any Win32 - Written on Windows 2000 

Interface Command Line + Config File 

Fabric Operating System Kernel : 5.3.1 
Fabric OS : v3.0.2h 
Made on : Thu Sep 26 15:10:24 PDT 2002 
Flash : Thu Sep 26 15:11:49 PDT 2002 
BootProm : Tue Oct 30 10:24:38 PST 2001 


Other Additions / Recommendations Welcome 



This MRTG config is based on some assumptions: 

Files saved in d:\wwwroot\MRTG as specified by config file line: WorkDir: d:\wwwroot\MRTG You will need to set this to your MRTG Directory. 

Also default folder for the files is specified by config line: Directory[_]: ftwtan01 

Device network name is specified by 16 (# of ports) config lines:
Targettwrw-t01-1: .

You should change ftwtan01 & to the name of your device. 

Public is the default SNMP community name. You will need to set this in the config file if you have changed yours. 


NOTE: This contribution was migrated by Brocade from the former Brocade Connect community on March 13, 2008, on behalf of the author.