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Looking for a simple way to retrieve data from a BNA server through REST API



I'm trying to retrieve as much data as possible from BNA’s REST API.
Let’s talk about a simple hierarchy of a Fabric-Switch-Port relationship.
I want to not only get the Objects of those three types but also to get the data that allows me to connect a Port to its Switch or a Switch to its Fabric.
The only way I found how to do that is to iterate through the list of Fabrics and for each Fabric to iterate through its Switches and for each Switch to iterate through its Ports.
The API does allow me to retrieve all of the Ports but then I don’t know which Switch a Port belongs to.
The API does allow me to retrieve all of the Switches but then I don’t know which Fabric a Switch belongs to.


I want to reduce the amount of queries to the BNA server.
Let’s say I have 2 Fabrics with 10 Switches each and every Switch has 24 Ports, in that case I’ll need 2x10x24=480 queries. (The Ports have other Objects under them).
If every Switch would have a Fabric property and every Port would have a Switch property, then all of this information can return in 3 queries.
Is there a way to do this?
Is there any way to retrieve the Ports of the Switches and to know which Switch a Port belongs to?

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