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Insufficient Chassis Privilege

I have a customer on my SAN who uses virtual fabrics on a shared DCX hardware (FOS 6.4.2).

Now he tries to monitor his virtual fabric using Brocade Network Advisor BNA 11.3.0 and gets the message:

Insufficient Chassis Privilege. Need admin or root access to chassis.

SAN User Manual (53-1002696-01) states the same on page 43 aka. 91 but as he is just a customer on a shared environment he cannot have a user with root access or chassis admin rights.

Does anyone know a solutions for this ?

Thank you !

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Re: Insufficient Chassis Privilege

Apologize but there is no workaround for this issue . Chassis privilege is required for managing the virtual fabrics .


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Registered: ‎12-05-2011

Re: Insufficient Chassis Privilege

So we have to re-activate an old removed Brocade 4100 switch in the fabric.

Using this not virtualized switch as an entry point, BNA was useable for the customer.

Thank you for your fast response.

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