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Installation BNA 11.1.0 on Linux (without X Server)

Hi All,

for a new project, I have to install BNA on Linux. After seeing that the console and silent installations were a joke because they both need a GUI to configure some parameters, I was trying to figure out how to install it manually.

I know that there is 3 steps, once all parameters are entered in the config wizard:

- Initialising the DB

- starting the server

- starting the client

I've edited the as far as I could.

I can start the server service manually (./service dcmsvc start)

But I don't know how to configure/initialise the DB.

I would like to know if someone is also using the linux version on this software on Linux and without X Server ?

And if yes, what are the steps to follow ?

Thanks for the help...



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Re: Installation BNA 11.1.0 on Linux (without X Server)

If you have no X11 on your server, you can try to login to your server with ssh and X11 forwarding from another Linux Workstation:

ssh -X root@your_bna_server

Moreover, BNA seems to be a 32 bits application. If you use a Linux 64bits OS, you will have to install some compatibility libraires.

During the install, I've found some errors on dbinit.log:

- ERROR: language "plpgsql" does not exist

- An other error about Schema "DCM" which does not exist

I've corrected them by patching the file "conf/schema/migrate/scripts/20101102235612_baseline.sql":

@@ -1,5 +1,7 @@
--// baseline
-- Migration SQL that makes the change goes here.

/* Table: ACH_CALL_CENTER                                       */

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