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How to update DCFM ?


I'm need to update DCFM from version 10.4.2 to 10.4.5. That's the right way:

1. Partial uninstal + Instal new Application


2. Upgrade by file patch.bat in Home directory ?

May be exist another way ?

Thanks a lot for help.

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Re: How to update DCFM ?


DCFM can be upgraded without a partial uninstall and also must use a new folder name of your choice or the default new name. The installation process will then give you an opportunity to migrate configuration and performance data from the old folder location. DCFM cannot upgrade to the existing folder by using the same folder name during the installation process. My own requirements dictate the need to keep the same user defined DCFM installed folder name due to other dependencies, namely the ftp root folder path. A partial uninstall preserves your existing configuration settings and fabric discoveries for import to the new DCFM version during the installation process. The folder can be renamed after the partial uninstall allowing you to re-use the same folder name if necessary.

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