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How to see Web Tools-created aliases in DCFM


We've been using Brocade Web Tools to manage the Brocade switches in our SAN.  We've created aliases for WWPNs using the Zone Administration -> Alias tab.

We're currently evaulating DCFM, and I've installed the Data Center Edition. The 'Product List' panel shows the WWPN for the connected hosts, but it does not show the aliases.  I know that DCFM knows of the aliases, because they are shown in the 'Compare/Merge Zone DBs' function.

How can I get the WWPN aliases defined in Web Tools to be seen in the 'Product List' in DCFM?



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Re: How to see Web Tools-created aliases in DCFM

Under Tasks, Device Management and Troubleshooting, go to Import Device Node/Port Names. Since you used WWPN instead of WWN, you may need to create a CSV file. You can do that easily using the SanHealth summary page. The format is Alias,WWPN.

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