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How to best monitor layer 2 VDX fabric with BNA?

Hello all.


We have a large VDX VCS fabric and all VDX switches are only Layer 2 (no inband layer 3/VE interface) and are managed by the outband ethernet interface.


We have BNA in place and monitor the VDX switches via ICMP and SNMP viy the outband interfaces.

But this does not give a valid feedback if the inband switching/forwarding of the VDX fabric is still working well.

And vice versa if the outband interface does not respond to the BNA it does not mean that the VDX inband forwarding does not work well.


Does anybody have tips and tricks how to monitor the inband status of a layer 2 only VDX fabric best?


Thank you very much,




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Re: How to best monitor layer 2 VDX fabric with BNA?



I'm interested as well by this problematic. Any feedbacks would be appreciated.


Best regards.

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Re: How to best monitor layer 2 VDX fabric with BNA?

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we also use the oob management port because in the beginning you never know what can happen inside and admins need a oob way. To check the fabric the best way is to monitor the syslog or you can check the inband way if you create a loopback on the rbs and ping/monitor that interface inband - regardless if you use it for clients or not.


The main Problem is that no out of the box management other than BNA can handle Fabrics. So Alarm on special syslog and Trap events (oob) and monitor VEs or Loopbacks (inband) is the best way.


Regards Dennis

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