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How to SNMP walk the DCFM server?

With EFCM I used to be able to snmpwalk the server and it would report back information on the switches that it managed (including for example port details and or switch names and serial numbers).  This made it very easy for me to write reports withouth having to do anything overly difficult or cumbersome.

For McData switches it was for switch names  for example or for port status.

However, with DCFM, I get absolutely no information back on the switches at all.  I can snmpwalk the DCFM server - but those parts of the MIB give nothing.  I have tried doing a full snmpwalk of the DCFM server to see if I can find what I am looking for.  Unfortunately that errors during the snmpwalk:

UDP-MIB::udpEndpointLocalPort.ipv4."".123 = Gauge32: 123

UDP-MIB::udpEndpointLocalPort.ipv4."".137 = Gauge32: 137

UDP-MIB::udpEndpointLocalPort.ipv4."".138 = Gauge32: 138

Error in packet.

Reason: (genError) A general failure occured

Failed object: UDP-MIB::udpEndpointLocalPort.ipv4."192.168.xx.xx".138

(NB I have put in the xx.xx)

Is there something obvious I am missing here?  It's frustrating that something which used to work no longer does.

I know I can go direct to each SAN switch to get the information individually - but that's a lot of effort when I used to just get the information from the management server.



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