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HP SAN Network advisor issues

I have just upgraded our monitoring server from DCFM 10.4.5 to the latest release of HP SAN Network Advisor 12.0.2.  I actually had to perform a completed new installation to this product because the upgrade path as stated by HP did not work correctly.  Anyway the crux of my problem is this, certain features that used to work within DCFM don't seem to work anymore, for example if you just clicked on a switch in DCFM it would launch the switch management tool and allow you to use it.  Now when you click on a switch is does nothing.  Also Telnet with the SNA 12.0.2 GUI does not work as expected. I'm sure I'll find out more issues as I delve into the configuration more.

Could any of this be related to the firmware version I'm running on the switches?  We currently have most of our switches at 6.4.1b.

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Re: HP SAN Network advisor issues


The FOS version of your switchs seems to be low for the current SNA release. As per CMCNE 12 (EMCs BNA) Release Notes, the minumum required FOS is 6.4.2a. So that should be the reason that not all the features are working as they should.

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