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EZManager 7.0 upgrade?

Hello -

We've recently updated our 5100 (IBM 2498 San40B) to newer code (6.4.1B).  As a result, the EZManager software doesn't fully

function now.  We reported the problem to IBM, and via Brocade have been told that the EZManager software will need to be

upgraded to version 7.0.  However, I can't find anything on your website for EZManager updates.  Granted, I'm brand new

to your website so it could be that I just don't know where to look.  I've tried some searches but only find hits for discussions

in the forum mostly.

So, where do we find EZManager 7.0 download?

Thanks much,

Matt Campbell

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Re: EZManager 7.0 upgrade?

IIn download is only EZswitchSetup till 6.3.1

any 7.x is not listed and unknown to me if any such Rel. is GA


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