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EFCM i10K un-manageable

The i10K became un-managable from EFCM today.  It states virtual, blah blah.  I can telnet to it from the machine running EFCM and ping it.  I had an issue similiar to this with a 6140.  Our service guy came out on the 6140 and ran a command called ctpswap?  Which switched active CTP cards.  The switch went back to manageable after a few from when the command was run.  Does this command work on the i10K or is their a similiar command?  I've rebooted the EFCM server.  Is there any other method for reseting the ethernet port on the CTP card or swapping the active CTP to the standby card that is non-disruptive?


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Re: EFCM i10K un-manageable

Nevermind I figured it out.  It's a different command than the 6140.  Might help if I would read a manual every now and then.

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