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EFCM 9.7.4 managability issue after TPC discovery stopped

Good Afternoon.

We have a problem managing 4 McData i10ks.  The Directors were being managed fine until someone starting using a new installation of TPC and discovered our kit.  After we worked out the problem, they stopped TPC and we got management back.  Someone then rebooted the TPC server and it started managing the i10ks again, and my EFCM went back to only seeing the Directors as Virtual Switches, and not being able to launch Element Manager any more.  However, this time when they actually uninstalled TPC from their server, although the EFCM Discovery log stopped saying their IP address was managing it, and now says "SNMP Only" (connection lost).

Although I have rebooted the EFCM Windows 2003 server, I am now at a loss as to what I might have to do next.  Any assistance would be grately appreciated.



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