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EFCM 9.7.3 Element Manager does not reflect the Link Incident log in real time


since we use EFCM 9.7.3, we do not have any error alert icon on the directors into the main console of EFCM.

If I disable a HBA on one server, I will see the error into the master log of EFCM but not in the Element Manager Link Incident Log

The port status into Element Manager is accurate (no light) but the Link Incident log does not show the latest status, it freeze since the last start of EFCM service or last full Discover.

To force EFCM to show the error icon and to be updated with the latest Link Incident error, we have to restart EFCM service or set to Off/On the discover process.

The link incident error is well logged into the director (as shown through a telnet session) so it is clearly a problem into EFCM.

Any idea ?


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