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Data Migration and Restoration in BNA (Any version and Any Release) FAILS

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Why is it that every SINGLE time I try to migrate data between BNA servers during an upgrade or simply by changing physical servers and NOT upgrading to a new release of BNA, the data migration simply does NOT work? Each time I have to reconfigure BNA from the ground up. I have gone through this process about 10 times, each ending the same. This last time I thought I would be smart, by installing the same release of BNA a new server with better hardware (RAM, Processors, etc.) then simply restore the database, but NO it does NOT work. After waiting 40 minutes for the system to restore the database, it simply gives me an error of "database could not be restored". No details as to what one could do to troubleshoot the problem, just a simple "database could not be restored".


Has anyone ever had success with either of these two procedures?


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