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DCX-FM License

Hello - I'm a new DCX customer and was wondering if I'm eligible for the DCXFM tool as a download?  I purchase the 2 DCX's I have from EMC and in the GUI WebTools, at the bottom I have a hyperlink 'Free Professional Management Tool' that when clicked indicates that some of the features of the webtool has been taken out and put into a different product that I should be able to recieve.  Just curious if this is something I'm entitled to get or need to pay for?

just curious and we love our DCX's - they're smokin fast!



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Re: DCX-FM License


Total ot tree different version are available

1) Professional

2) Professional Plus

3) Enterprise

For Plus and Enterprise, you need to purchased a License.

Professional is for free, no license is required to purchased and no License is requiered by the Installation procedure, this release is bundled for free whit a new switch.

If the Professional was not bundled whit the switch, ask you supplier to obtain a Free Prof Edition.


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