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Registered: ‎07-21-2008

DCFM java webstart not able to connect

DCFM 10.4.2 on Linux.

Jyst installed DCFM enterprise eval version.

# /etc/init.d/dcfm status
Database Server is running (2690).
Data Center Fabric Manager Server is running (2763).
Data Center Fabric Manager CIMOM Server is running (2814).
Service Location Protocol (SLP) Daemon is running (2841).

Opened the browser and connected to DCFM server, clicked on "Web start DCFM Client", DCFM login box appeared, but the "Login" button is now enabled, and on the bottom of the login box i see the message "failed to connect server dcfm_server_ip:24600".

There is no firewall is running on the server and able to invoke DCFM locally (dcfm_install/bin/dcfm) in the  DCFM server.

Anyone suggest me how to solve this? Why through Java webstart i am not able to connect ?

Thanks in advance.

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