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DCFM - SQL Anywhere process

I was wondering if anyone had some advice on my issue.  Here is the background:

Using a trial version of DCFM 10.1.1.

Installed it on my Windows XP desktop for an initial test and used it that way for about 10 days with 3 admins testing it out no problems.

Decided to host it on a VMware ESX so I did a new install to a virtual server and uninstalled from my desktop.

The vm is a Windows 2008 server.

Things seemed to be fine for the first day or two but maybe I just didn't notice but now every 30 minutes on the head something kicks off and makes the dbsrv10.exe (SQL Anywhere Network Server) process spike the CPU to around 90-100%.

DCFM client freezes.

The CPU is spiked for about 5 minutes and then goes back to normal.  It all happens again in another 30 minutes.

Anyone have any ideas.  Thanks

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