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DCFM - Restore a backup

Hi all,

is anybody able to restore a backup of a DCFM Enterprise Server? A Customer tried it and I tried it too, but no success.

When I type in the directory (C:\Backup\Backup\) the error message is:

          "There is no data to restore in this directory"

The directory:     C:\Backup\Backup>dir

Volume in drive C has no label.
Volume Serial Number is C463-6F25

Directory of C:\Backup\Backup

09.08.2010  09:16    <DIR>          .
09.08.2010  09:16    <DIR>          ..
09.08.2010  09:16               241 BACKUP.MANIFEST
09.08.2010  09:16    <DIR>          cimom
09.08.2010  09:16    <DIR>          conf
09.08.2010  09:16    <DIR>          databases
               1 File(s)            241 bytes
               5 Dir(s)   5.176.762.368 bytes free


If I tell the SMC to restore from the "BACKUP.MANIFEST" File (C:\Backup\Backup\BACKUP.MANIFEST) the error message is:

"The specified file is invalid"

I made a manual backup some some minutes before. The Version ist 10.4.2 (Brocade Version) or a 10.4.1 at the customer.

Has anybody an idea whats wrong?

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Re: DCFM - Restore a backup


What is the exact Installation Folder/Location  from DCFM ?

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Re: DCFM - Restore a backup


does this matter? The DCFM is installed on a Windows Server 2003. All Settings are on default values. Nothing special.

The Installation path should be "C:\Programme\DCFM 10.4.2\" (german Windows) or maybe "C:\Program Files\DCFM 10.4.2" (english Windows)

I wonder why the backup (taken some Minutes ago) is not valid or not "visible" for the Sever Managment Console.



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Re: DCFM - Restore a backup

--->>>does this matter?


Germany, English or whatever for language, this is not a matter.

Read accurately the user guide, DCFM DB cannot be installed in C:\

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Re: DCFM - Restore a backup

The problem still exists.

The customer has migrated his DCFM Server from a VM to a real maschine. We also attached a second Disk to the Windows Server (D:) and installed the DCFM  into D:\Program Files\DCFM 10.4.1. Installation an migration was smooth and without any errors.

By the way, the suggestion or Default Folder of DCFM was "C:\Program Files\...".

BUT: The Backup runs still successfully and the restore fails.

The DCFM is installed in "D:\Program Files\DCFM 10.4.1" and the Backup's are places on "D:\Backup". When I try to restore the Error Message is still the same.

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Re: DCFM - Restore a backup

Hi all, if anybody has the same problem here's the answer:

But first: It does not depend where DCFM is installed. The recommendation is not too use the same volume for backup and installation. And there is a recommendation not to install the DCFM Software on C: (Windows)

When you configure the Backup for the DCFM you must type in a path where the Backup-Data should be placed. For example "D:\". The DCFM will create a folder called "Backup". Now, if you want to restore, open the "Server Management Console", stop the Services go to "Restore" and type in "D:\" and not "D:\Backup". DCFM will find the "Backup"-folder and restore the data.

I'ts a little bit strange and there's no document which describes the restore process.

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