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DCFM Enterprise zoning library issue

I have two DCX cores and two 6140 Edge switches when zoning on the even fabric the zone configs library doesn't update properly. An active zoning config is indicated by the green sqaure next to the appropriate zone with mine there is no green indicator. The active zone config does not match CORE12 in the zone DB is indicated in the active zone config tab.  Saves to zoning library are not saved concistently either. I do have a case open but any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated.

Christopher Lopez

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Re: DCFM Enterprise zoning library issue

Diverse Zoning Defect as be closed, not sure if is a bug wich was closed in any old Rel. of dcfm

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Re: DCFM Enterprise zoning library issue

We have the same problem running 10.1.4. The bug was identified as DEFECT000226481. The problem is repeatable and consistent. Stick to the command line until the dust settles. When we installed DCFM, we joined the release of the week club. Look at that defect list. Some of them are very serious. The boys over at quality control testing must have been on vacation.

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