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DCFM Database Port

Is there any way to change the port that the dcfm database uses from the default of 2638?  Our Windows engineers have a product, installed on every server, that is also using that port, and I have been having all sorts of problems with keeping the dcfm install running properly.


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Re: DCFM Database Port


Port 2638 is registered by Sybase at IANA so they have the right to use that port. If your windows administrators have a "utility" that also uses that port than this is a. also a tool which uses  Sybase DB or b. a tool that also uses that port.

I think some remote desktop tool also uses (or has used) this port.

I know this doesn't help you very much but remember that if the port is changed on the DB level (look at DCFM still doesn't start and you have no way to escalate this to your support provider.

I would start banging on the door from your windown administrators and demande from them that you have a requirement for a particular tool (DCFM in this case) and they should be able to provide you with the proper (working) platform.

If this doesn't help install the Linux version. :-) Much more stable platform anyway. :-)



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