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DCFM 10.4.5 SNMP port failed

Basically within DCFM 10.4.5 I am trying to get the email alert nofications working and then from there trim down the contents of what needs to be emailed out as ports drop, enc out errors occur, and such.

I have recently started working at this job and was told it was working as a test bed in the past, but has stopped for some reason.  Also, I am aware they did some upgrades within the fabric as well.  We have a mix of multiple switch models, FOS levels, and the Fabric spans across multiple locations.

Models include:  DCX, 48K, 5100, 5000, 4900, 4100, 4024, 300, and 200E.

FOS levels include:  v6.2.2b, v6.3.2b, v6.4.0b, v6.4.2, and v6.4.2a

Within DCFM we get an error within the GUI in the lower left hand corner with a red "X" indicated on the RJ45 port icon.  When I click on it a message indicating that the SNMP port# 162 Failed as noted in the screen shot below:

2012-11-06 SNMP port 162 error2.jpg

Any ideas would be helpfull, thanks.

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Re: DCFM 10.4.5 SNMP port failed

Also, will SNMP v3 work with FOS v6.2.2b.  Some of this devices are blade switch server enclosures with a brocade built in fabric switch purchased from EMC.  And the DCFM that we are using is actually CMDCE from EMC, but it's still basically Brocade's DCFM.

It's not the SNMP v3 it's the SNMP Informs that needs FOS v6.3 or higher.  Either way I will need to stick with SNMP v1 in this environment.

I have also checked the processes on the server itself running DCFM and SNMP Server and Trap are both active.  I stoped and restarted both processes.  Maybe it's a Brocade or EMC process that sends the SNMP signal out that needs to be started or restarted.  Which process would that be:  Brocade SMI Agent, CMDCE, or CMDCE Database?

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