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DCFM 10.1.3 SNMP Trap Port Errors


Did anyone see this event or behaviour in the master log of DCFM and was able to reloved it.

I am not receiving the events from my switches in DCFM

DCFM version 10.1.3

Severity Warning

Event:  Unable to start SNMP listener at port 162.

Source DCFM server

Note: Even though I change the port the event come back with the new port configuration

thank you

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Re: DCFM 10.1.3 SNMP Trap Port Errors

10.1.3 is very old. It's probable this is a Defect which was closed or this 10.1.3 Release not support the currect loaded FabricOS Release.

see in the Release notes for defect Closed or supported FOS Release.


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