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Copying Cisco Image & Configuration files to BNA via SCP

First, I would like to apologize for asking a Cisco related question in a Brocade Forum.  However, I work in a hybrid shop that is transitioning to Brocade.  We would like to leverage the integrated SCP server in BNA for achive our Cisco configurations and images.


Looking for assistance with configuring BNA and/or Cisco routers and switches for SCP.


Currently have BNA v12.0 installed and working with a Cisco 3750x, IOS ver 15.2. for testing.


I'm trying to use the cisco "copy scp:" command to transfer the running config to the BNA server. In doing so, I received the following error:

%SSH-3-NO_MATCH: No matching hostkey algorithm found: client ssh-rsa server ssh-dss.




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Re: Copying Cisco Image & Configuration files to BNA via SCP

is ssh running on the BA box?  I have used TFTP though not as secure.  It dumps the configs into the tftp root directory

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